As an electrical service provider, Strugnell Electric specializes in various areas related to commercial and industrial infrastructure upgrades, automation, and maintenance. Our services include new buildout and design, service changes and upgrades, leasehold improvements, automation for restaurant systems and fire controls, electrical service upgrades, backup generator systems, commercial and industrial service and maintenance contracts, as well as 24-hour emergency service.

New buildout and design

New buildout and design services involve designing and implementing customized solutions for clients who want to expand or upgrade their commercial or industrial facilities. This service may include designing and installing new electrical systems, as well as incorporating automation and energy-efficient technologies to reduce operating costs.

Service changes / Upgrades

Service changes and upgrades involve upgrading existing systems and infrastructure to meet the latest safety and industry standards. In addition to safety and energy efficiency, upgrading electrical systems can also improve reliability and reduce the risk of downtime. This includes upgrading backup power systems such as generators and UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems to ensure uninterrupted operation in the event of power outages or other disruptions.

Leasehold improvements

Leasehold improvements in electrical services involve upgrading and customizing electrical systems within leased commercial or industrial spaces to meet the specific needs of tenants. This may involve upgrading or installing new electrical panels, circuits, and wiring systems to meet the electrical demands of the tenant’s operations.


By integrating automation systems into electrical systems, we can optimize energy consumption, reduce energy waste, and improve system reliability. Our custom automation systems allow for the real-time monitoring of energy usage, identifying areas of energy waste and opportunities for optimization. Additionally, the systems can be programmed to automatically adjust electrical loads during peak demand periods, reducing energy costs and increasing system stability.

Restaurant Systems / Fire and controls 

Fire suppression systems are a critical component of any commercial kitchen, and our service ensures the installation of the latest and most effective systems. Our team of electrical professionals will work with the client to design and install a customized fire suppression system that meets the specific needs of their kitchen. This may include the installation of specialized electrical sensors and detection equipment that can detect and suppress a fire before it spreads.

Electrical Service upgrades

Electrical service upgrades involve upgrading existing electrical systems to meet the increased power demands of modern commercial and industrial facilities. This service may include installing new transformers, switchgear, and other electrical infrastructure.

Backup Generator Systems

Backup generator systems involve the installation and maintenance of electrical systems that provide backup power to critical equipment and systems in the event of a power outage or other electrical disruption. In industrial and commercial settings, power outages can cause significant productivity losses, equipment damage, and potential safety hazards.

Commercial / Industrial service and maintenance Contracts

Commercial and industrial service and maintenance contracts involve providing ongoing maintenance and repair services to ensure the safe and efficient operation of clients’ infrastructure and equipment.

24 Hour Emergency Service

24-hour emergency service provides clients with around-the-clock support in the event of emergency situations, such as power outages or equipment failures. This service ensures that clients can quickly get back up and running, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

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Apart from providing commercial electrical services, Strugnell Electric also offers industrial electrical contracting services. We have experience working in various industries, including manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and hospitality, and can customize solutions to meet each client’s unique electrical requirements.

Choosing the right commercial electrician in Kelowna is critical to your business’s success. You require a company that can offer top-notch services at competitive prices while ensuring that your electrical systems comply with safety codes. Strugnell Electric ticks all the boxes, with our commitment to excellence, professionalism, and customer satisfaction.

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